General Procurement Services

Procurement Services and Supply Chain Management

Over many years Amaco UK sales force have successfully serviced many major projects for contractors and operators in the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Chemical & Refining and Water / Desalination industries.

Amaco UK offers a full sourcing and supply arrangement catering for anything from urgent maintenance requirements, where speed of response is critical, to major capital projects where scheduling and meeting demanding deadlines is essential. Logistics is a particular strength of Amaco UK covering all aspects of materials management from meeting the specification through to delivery including procurement, expediting, inspection, documentation, packing and transportation. In addition Amaco UK can offer in depth experience in handling a wide range of tailored contract arrangements and payment procedures.

Whatever your requirements are, either a complex order with items from multiple sources for delivery to several locations, or a single item to a single location, Amaco UK’s commitment is to ensure that each order placed will be individually project managed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction – all the time every time.

Our supply chain management capabilities cover all aspects of material management including:

  • Specification
  • Procurement
  • Inspection
  • Special packing needs
  • Materials handling / marking
  • Documentation
  • Delivery & Transport to site

Amaco UK will also purchase materials for customers who find it difficult to deal with suppliers outside their normal region, this “added value” service is offered at agreed rates prior to any purchase proceeding and will negate the need to go through lengthy and time consuming credit approval which is normally expected .

List of Suppliers

Amaco UK can supply various types of product as part of the procurement services we offer, it includes the following products and manufacturers – please feel free to contact use for a price.

Mechanical Pumps Manufacturers:-

  • Lewa Pumps – Pumps & Spares
  • Grundfos Pumps – Pumps & Spares
  • Surmond Pumps – Pumps & Spares
  • Mono Pumps Ltd
  • Kinder-Janes Pumps – Pumps & Spares
  • LMI Milton Roy Pumps – Pumps & Spares
  • CAT Pumps  – Pumps & Spares
  • KSB Pumps – Pumps & Spares

PPE Safety Equipment Manufacturers:-

  • Dickies Safety Boots & Overalls
  • 3M
  • Armont Safety Boots
  • Tyrolit Cutting & Grinding Discs
  • UVEX Safety Glass
  • Draper Tools
  • Sealey Tools
  • Cromwell Tools & Equipment
  • Flexovit Cutting & Grinding Discs
  • ARCO Products
  • Beta Tools
  • Chicago Pneumatic Tools
  • Bosh Tools
  • Bahco Tools
  • DEB
  • Salisbury Protective Products
  • Ansell Safety Products
  • Kimberley-Clark Products
  • Reece Safety Products

Fire Detectors & Equipment Manufacturers:-

  • GENT Detector Equipment
  • TYCO Fire Products
  • Apollo Fire Detector Equipment

Strainer & Basket Strainer & Temporary Strainer Manufacturers:-

  • Bartonfirtop
  • Spirax Sarco
  • VeeBee

Gaskets Manufacturers:-

  • Pikotek
  • Klinger
  • Flexitallic
  • Garlock
  • Sealex